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Edetate CALCIUM Disodium



Edetate CALCIUM Disodium


(ED e tate KAL see um dye SOW dee um)

Therapeutic Category

  • Antidote, Lead Toxicity
  • Chelating Agent, Parenteral

Medication Safety Issues

Sound-alike look-alike issues:

To avoid potentially serious errors, the abbreviation “EDTA” should never be used.

Edetate CALCIUM disodium (CaEDTA) may be confused with edetate disodium (Na2EDTA) (not commercially available in the U.S. or Canada). CDC recommends that edetate disodium should never be used for chelation therapy in children. Fatal hypocalcemia may result if edetate disodium is used for chelation therapy instead of edetate calcium disodium. ISMP recommends confirming the diagnosis to help distinguish between the two drugs prior to dispensing and/or administering either drug.

Edetate CALCIUM disodium may be confused with etomidate

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