To the Editor.

I noticed that I was quoted under the heading of “No-Evidence-based Medicine” in the July 1997 issue page A58. The quote was taken from an article in the New York Times on the effectiveness of immunotherapy for asthma in children.

In the study by Adkinson et al, the improvement from immunotherapy did not achieve statistical significance in a group of asthmatic children who were followed very closely. There were several problems with the study. For example, important allergens like cockroach were omitted, although a number of children were from the inner city, where cockroach has been shown to play a major role in precipitating asthma.

Allergen immunotherapy has never been claimed to be effective for allergens other than those included in the extract. Also, allergy shots are not for everyone. Many patients who maintain effective environmental control and receive therapy for other factors such as gastroesophageal...

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