Objectives. To determine reimbursement rates after initiation of charges for certain telephone calls in a pediatric diabetes care center.

Design. A review of charges and payments data during 1996.

Results. Four hundred seventy-two telephone calls initiated by patients and parents were billed during the study period. These calls regarded treatment of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, ketonuria, sick day treatment, and insulin dose changes. Insured patients were charged for 384 telephone calls and indigent patients were charged for 88 telephone calls. Telephone calls from insured patients generated charges of $9215 and payments of $3074. Insurance payments were $1677 (18% of charges), and patient payments were $1396 (15% of charges). Telephone calls from uninsured patients covered by Texas Medicaid or Chronically Ill and Disabled Children funding generated charges of $2193 and no payments.

Conclusions. Telephone charges were reimbursed by all payors at an overall rate of 27%.

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