There are ∼3 million annual injuries incurred during sports participation among children and adolescents in the United States, with injury defined as one that causes time lost from sports participation. Pediatricians need to have the skills to diagnose, manage, and/or triage these injuries. Training in management of musculoskeletal injuries is not integrated into the pediatric curriculum as systematically as it should be, according to surveys of recent pediatric graduates.

Injury rates have been reduced because of changes in the sport environment through increased safety regulation. The preseason examination is an opportunity to diagnose and rehabilitate old injuries and thereby prevent reinjury. However, effective prevention occurs only when the patient history is accurate and appropriate diagnoses and rehabilitation programs are initiated by the physician performing the preseason examination.

For the individual patient with a musculoskeletal injury, there are four phases of rehabilitation: 1) limiting additional injury and controlling pain and swelling;...

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