In the policy statement entitled “Neonatal Drug Withdrawal” (June 1998;101:1079–1088), an incorrect dosage for clonidine was inadvertently published. On page 1084, under the heading “Clonidine,” line 9, the sentence should read as follows:

“In an open trial, six of seven infants with neonatal narcotic withdrawal signs were treated effectively with oral clonidine (0.5 to 1.0 μg/kg [not mg/kg] in a single dose, followed by a maintenance dose of 3 to 5 μg/kg/day [not mg/kg/day], divided every 4 to 6 hours).83

As stated in this AAP policy statement in reference to the treatment for neonatal drug withdrawal: “Larger controlled trials and pharmacokinetic data are needed before clonidine can be advocated as routine treatment.”

We regret any confusion this error has caused.

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