The alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor 4-methylpyrazole (4-MP) is a new antidote of ethylene glycol (EG) intoxication. The purpose of the present case report was to demonstrate 4-MP efficiency in EG poisoning in a 4-year-old child.

Method and Results.

4-MP Treatment was performed 7 hours after EG ingestion. Plasma EG and 4-MP concentrations were measured 2 hours after each infusion of 4-MP. Plasma 4-MP concentrations were in the range of the values reported to block EG metabolism. The efficiency of 4-MP treatment was confirmed by the rapid correction of metabolic acidosis without alkalization and by the increase in EG half-life. No adverse effect of 4-MP was observed.


This child ingested a potentially lethal dose of EG despite a high concentration of bittering agent in antifreeze. EG poisoning was treated efficiently by 4-MP without recourse to hemodialysis.

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