To the Editor.

In the western world children are generally spared from renal stone disease. However, metabolic diseases, such as primary cystinuria, hyperoxaluria, and renal tubular acidosis, are examples of rare causes of childhood nephrolithiasis seen worldwide. We wish to report an even rarer combination of factors leading to renal stones in a typical adolescent girl.

A 17-year-old Italian girl was followed in our pediatric nephrology outpatient clinic with corticosteroid sensitive minimal change nephrotic syndrome (NS) since 1990. The initial treatment consisted of predisolone in a daily dose of 2 mg/kg for approximately 2 months. Six months later additional corticosteroid treatment was needed for a full-blown relapse of her NS. On remission she was kept for a prolonged period on an every-other-day dose (6 mg) of prednisone.

This good-looking young girl was obviously concerned about her physical appearance and the possible adverse influence of long-term corticosteroid treatment. As it turned...

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