Infection with hepatitis B virus can lead to serious long-term complications including chronic hepatitis B virus infection leading to hepatocellular carcinoma, liver failure, and death. We report a case of prolonged hepatitis B antigenemia after routine vaccination with Engerix B. A positive hepatitis B surface antigen was found when the individual donated blood 18 days after vaccination. This resulted in rejection of the donated blood and permanent deferral from further donation. It also led to referral to a physician, creating anxiety in the individual and additional unnecessary testing. Additional studies are needed to identify the length to time of hepatitis B surface antigenemia after hepatitis B vaccination, and blood collection centers should be aware of the potential for donors to have a prolonged false-positive hepatitis B surface antigen after vaccination against hepatitis B. hepatitis B, hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis B surface antigen, vaccine-induced positive hepatitis B surface antigen, Engerix B.

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