Objective. To investigate the presence and characteristics of formalized curricula for pediatric resident education for the diagnosis and treatment of acute otitis media.

Design. A survey was mailed to the program directors of all 224 accredited US and Canadian pediatric residency programs. Questions focused on the development, components, and teaching of any otitis media curriculum. Program directors were also questioned about their approach towards evaluating resident competency of otitis media and their future plans for otitis media-related training.

Results. A total of 144 program directors (64%) responded to the survey. Among respondents, 59% had some form of formalized education related to the diagnosis or treatment of otitis media. These curricula primarily consisted of lectures by general pediatricians <3 times per year.

Conclusions. Although otitis media is the most common disease seen by practicing general pediatricians, the Residency Review Committee in Pediatrics does not mandate formal otitis media-related training. Aside from informal case-by-case education, this survey demonstrated that only slightly more than half of all pediatric residency programs have some formalized resident education of this common pediatric problem, and most of those curricula are infrequent lectures.

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