To the Editor.—

The term “parent” has been stretched to new limits. Originally, it was defined as the biological father or mother of a child, the progenitor. These traditional parents ordinarily cared for and raised their child(ren). Situations arose, most frequently death of 1 or both parents, in which surrogate “parents” would take on the role of the missing parent(s). These include stepparents who came into that role through marriage to a true parent and adoptive parents who take on the role of parents in situations in which children are separated by death, abandonment, or relinquishing of rights of their true parents.

The recent technical report and committee statement addressed the role of professed homosexuals as surrogate “parents” or “coparents.” The very nature of homosexuality goes against the qualifications of true parents who in all cases are male and female. To say that a homosexual partner of...

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