Purpose of the Study. To establish the prevalence and socioeconomic pattern of allergic disease as well as the pattern of allergen sensitization to markers of socioeconomic status (SES).

Study Population. Participants were mothers (n = 458) of children in the Epidemiology of Home Allergen and Asthma Study (a longitudinal birth and family cohort study) with the following inclusion criteria: 1) delivered a child between September 1994 and June 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts, 2) ability to speak English or Spanish, and 3) mother or father had a doctor’s diagnosis of asthma, hayfever, or allergen sensitivity.

Methods. Markers of race, SES, and diagnosis of asthma, hay fever, or allergy were elicited by questionnaire. Using 1990 US Census data, a marker of poverty in the zip code of residence was evaluated in terms of the proportion of the population living below the poverty level. Serum was collected for total immunoglobulin (IgE) and...

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