Purpose of the Study. To identify the genes for familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome (FCAS) and Muckle-Wells syndrome (MWS).

Study Population. Three families with FCAS and 1 family with MWS.

Methods. Genomic DNA isolation, identification of coding region, DNA sequencing, and mutation detection. Protein prediction programs were also performed.

Results. Four distinct mutations of the CIAS1 Gene on chromosome 1q44 were identified. The gene encodes a newly identified protein called cryopyrin.

Conclusion. Mutations of the CIAS1 Gene encoding cryopyrin cause at least two distinct but similar cold-sensitive diseases, including FCAS and MWS.

Reviewers’ Comments. This exciting discovery has led to the identification of a new protein, aptly named “cryopryin,” that links cold temperature exposure to inflammation. In this report, mutations of the cryopyrin gene were identified in family members with 2 rare autosomal dominant conditions that are “autoinflammatory” disorders (ie, conditions with recurrent inflammatory symptoms in the absence of autoantibodies): FCAS...

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