Objective. This report describes a new fatal syndrome observed in adolescent males at the initial presentation of diabetes mellitus. The features include hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma complicated by a malignant hyperthermia-like picture with fever, rhabdomyolysis, and severe cardiovascular instability.

Design. Case series.

Setting. Pediatric intensive care units of 3 tertiary care facilities in the United States.

Patients. Six adolescent males, 5/6 obese with acanthosis nigricans, 4/6 black.

Results. Four of 6 patients died. Four of 6 patients did not have significant ketosis. Six of 6 patients had increased temperature after the administration of insulin.

Conclusions. The underlying etiology of this syndrome remains unclear. Possibilities include an underlying metabolic disorder such as a fatty acid oxidation defect, an unrecognized infection, exposure to an unknown toxin, or a genetic predisposition to malignant hyperthermia. Evaluation for all these possibilities and empiric treatment with dantrolene should be considered for this type of patient until this syndrome is better characterized.

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