To the Editor.—

We congratulate Yeager et al on their recently published report, “Pretransport and Posttransport Characteristics and Outcomes of Neonates Who Were Admitted to a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.” A study addressing the outcomes of infants requiring transport to a regionalized pediatric cardiac ICU (CICU) is long overdue. As the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery stated in their guidelines for pediatric cardiovascular centers, pediatric cardiovascular centers must be able provide the “diagnostic services and the full range of treatments, interventions, and surgeries needed to produce high-quality outcomes.” We believe that the first step in this continuum of care is the safe and timely transport of out-born neonates to these tertiary care centers. Although transport of these infants is rather common, little is found in the literature regarding the safety and quality of care rendered by transport teams during these transfers.


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