To the Editor.—

I have several concerns about the “Expert Committee Recommendations for Acne Management,” published in Pediatrics in September 2006. First, the 2 authors are both associated with various companies that make acne products, including Galderma (which funded the work). Galderma makes Differin (adapalene), which is prominently and favorably discussed in the article. How were the members of the “expert committee” selected? What role, if any, did the sponsor have in their selection?

Second, the recommendations are poorly supported by evidence. The first recommendation listed is: “A topical retinoid should be the foundation of treatment for most patients with acne.” I have always started with benzoyl peroxide, which is available over-the-counter and considerably less expensive. However, not one randomized trial comparing topical retinoids to benzoyl peroxide was cited to justify their recommendation. In fact, the few trials I could find that directly compared the two suggested that,...

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