To the Editor.

The study by Sathyanarayana et al contained major methodologic errors. It is difficult to accept their conclusion that infant care products were the source of the urinary phthalates in their study, because they did not show that these products contained phthalates. Even after mentioning that phthalates are found in plastic products and are released through “leaching into liquids,” they failed to mention if any of the diapers used in the study, or any of the collection containers, contained phthalates. Instead of merely asserting that there was “minimal concern about contamination,” it would have been worthwhile to incubate the diapers with urine and infant care products at body temperature for a few hours to determine if this process altered the measured levels of phthalates. Until this is done, I have serious concerns that all of the phthalate measurements in this study are invalid.

I also have...

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