Three previously healthy children, aged 5, 8, and 15 years, with idiopathic intermediate uveitis (IU) and alopecia areata (AA) are described. These are the first 3 cases of which we are aware with this coexistence. The results of extensive diagnostic evaluations were negative in all 3 cases. AA preceded the diagnosis of bilateral IU in 1 child and followed within several months after IU diagnosis in 2 children. The severity of uveitis ranged from mild to sight-threatening, and hair loss ranged from local lesions in 2 cases to total alopecia in 1 case. Pathogenesis of both diseases is discussed. Theoretically, the coexistence of IU and AA might be based on the similarities in their complex pathogenesis. However, more research is needed to evaluate if the coexistence is based on an association between 2 autoimmune disorders or is a coincidence.

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