“Lack of research, poor research, and poorly reported research are violations of children’s human rights,” declared Dr Richard Horton in his plenary address to the audience of the first summit of Standards for Research in (StaR) Child Health.

StaR Child Health was founded in 2009 to address the paucity and shortcomings of pediatric clinical trials. This initiative involves international experts who are dedicated to developing practical, evidence-based standards to enhance the reliability and relevance of pediatric clinical research. Through a systematic “knowledge to action” plan, StaR Child Health will make efforts to improve and expand the evidence-base for child health across the world. This article introduces the StaR Child Health agenda, the 11 initial priority topics that have been identified, and methods used to address these issues.

Approximately 180 participants, including representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Food and Drug Administration, and the European Medicines Agency, gathered...

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