To compare levels of, and determine the relationships between, the major dog allergen (Can f 1) from the hair and coat of various breeds of dogs and in the homes in which the dogs live.

A total of 356 dogs (Labradoodles, Labrador retrievers, poodles, Spanish waterdogs, airedales, and a heterogeneous control group) were recruited from breeders, breeder associations, and a veterinary hospital in the Netherlands. In addition, 168 homes with 1 dog had floor and airborne dust samples collected and a survey of their 502 owners was conducted.

Dog hair was collected by clipping the coat. Coat samples were collected by vacuuming one side of the dog for 30 seconds. Floor samples were collected by vacuuming for 2 minutes and passive airborne dust was sampled by using an electrostatic dust collector. Can f 1 levels in each sample were measured. For some analyses, Labrador retrievers and the control dogs were...

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