In light of epidemiologic studies that show increased prevalence of food allergy in populations who reside farther from the equator, investigators sought to determine the association between vitamin D and food allergy.

From 2007 to August 2011, a total of 7134 infants between 11 and 15 months of age (inclusive) were approached during immunization visits at 120 locations throughout Australia.

A total of 5120 infants underwent skin-prick testing (SPT) to peanut, egg, sesame, and cow’s milk or shrimp. Infants with a detectable wheal ≥1 mm as well as a random sample of infants with negative SPT were referred to a food allergy center for oral food challenge and repeat SPT using an extended panel of foods. Infants were deemed food allergic if they had both positive food challenge by objective criteria and an SPT wheal size ≥2 mm or a specific IgE ≥0.35 kUA/L. For foods on the...

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