Yes, moldy food is one more important factor to consider in our global effort to abate the extraordinary high prevalence of malnutrition. Over recent years, the incidence of stunted growth in much of the African continent has actually increased. Now, Dr Etzel brings the issue of food fed to children that contains high levels of mycotoxins as a likely part of the cause. Clearly, we must consider both the quality and quantity of the food children are fed during the early years of life. The environmental conditions that prevail causing an adulterated food supply deserve much closer scrutiny as we address potential remedies to the detrimental effects of poverty and hunger.

—Jay E. Berkelhamer, Section Editor

Malnutrition is a major threat to global child health.1–3  Linear growth retardation, or stunting, is one indicator of malnutrition. Stunting, defined as height for age below −2 SDs from the...

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