Reprint: The American Heart Association requests that this document be cited as follows: de Caen AR, Berg MD, Chameides L, Gooden CK, Hickey RW, Scott HF, Sutton RM, Tijssen JA, Topjian A, van der Jagt E, Schexnayder SM, Samson RA. Part 12: pediatric advanced life support: 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines Update for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Circulation. 2015;132(suppl 2):S526–S542.

Reprinted with permission of the American Heart Association, Inc. This article has been published in Circulation.

Over the past 13 years, survival to discharge from pediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) has markedly improved. From 2001 to 2013, rates of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) from IHCA increased significantly from 39% to 77%, and survival to hospital discharge improved from 24% to 36% to 43% (Girotra et al and personal communication with Paul Chan, MD, MSc, April 3, 2015). In a single center, implementation of an...

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