In the spring of 2018, the second season of the controversial Netflix show about a teenager’s suicide premiers. In this article, the authors turn to the literature and their own experiences to highlight 13 things pediatricians should know about 13 Reasons Why.

In 2017, Netflix released the television show 13 Reasons Why. The show revolves around a teen-aged girl that kills herself. In lieu of a suicide note, she leaves behind a series of cassette tapes that tell the story of why she took her own life, with each person who receives the tapes identified as 1 of the 13 reasons. In the final episode, there is a flashback to the girl graphically committing suicide on screen by cutting her wrists in the bathtub.

Because of the success of the first season, Netflix announced a second season will premier in the spring of 2018. As per Netflix format,...

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