To understand factors that would help identify patients who are at an increased risk of developing severe anaphylaxis.

In this study, the researchers included 453 emergency department (ED) visits identified with anaphylaxis in a 2-year time period (May 2016 to April 2018) in 7 pediatric EDs in Spain.

This was a prospective multicenter study in 7 pediatric EDs in which researchers had ED staff recruit patients to participate at the time of anaphylaxis diagnosis. The ED provider completed a data questionnaire at the time of discharge from the hospital or admission to the hospital. The questionnaire and the treatment of each patient were then reviewed, with a significant focus on the 61 visits of patients diagnosed with severe anaphylaxis that met ≥1 of the following criteria: ≥2 doses of epinephrine, clinically important biphasic reaction, endotracheal intubation, intensive care admission, and/or death.

With the use of multivariable regression, 5 independent risk...

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