Thirty-three children in whom a diagnosis of cyclic or periodic vomiting was made did not present evidence of intrinsic disease of abdominal and other viscera, and the cause of the symptoms had not been determined. They were then studied for evidence of a cerebral origin of the recurrent, paroxysmal autonomic symptoms which would justify classification of the syndrome as an autonomic epilepsy.

Supportive evidence was found in a preponderance of the following: A family or personal history of epilepsy, migraine, or related episodic nervous system disorders; a history or signs of acquired damage to the brain; abnormalities of the electroencephalogram, and the beneficial effect of medication of proven value in epilepsy or in autonomic dysfunction.

Each of the 33 children in this study could qualify, in our opinion, for a diagnosis of autonomic epilepsy. Five illustrative case histories are related.

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