The transition to parenthood can be welcome, joyous, and celebratory. It is also rarely without challenges, requiring rapid learning, substantial physical and emotional adjustment, and the shouldering of new roles and responsibilities. When peripartum complications occur either in the mother or infant, this transition is even more difficult.

In this issue of Pediatrics, Drs Bruney and Sojar eloquently recount Dr Bruney’s personal postpartum experience of preeclampsia, breastfeeding difficulties, feelings of isolation and inadequacy, and postpartum depression in “Confessions of a Pediatrician: A Resident Mom’s Perspective.” The challenges Dr Bruney encountered were amplified in balancing family and residency responsibilities. Given the high rates of postpartum depression and the relationship between child and maternal wellbeing, Drs Bruney and Sojar call for pediatricians to better connect with and support new mothers. They also seek additional support for resident-parents through that transition, specifically, clarification of family and medical leave policies.

As pediatricians...

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