Concentrations of fibrinogen in the plasma have been determined for the first several days of life in a series of normal infants, and during the first 12 hours post partum in some of their mothers. The mean value for the infants on the first day was 231 mg/100 ml, as compared to 440 mg/100 ml for the mothers, and 280 mg/100 ml for a group of healthy adult controls. A slight increase in the mean concentration of fibrinogen is seen during the first 3 days of life. Sex, color, birthweight and the concentration of fibrinogen in the mother's plasma do not influence the infant's initial concentration of fibrinogen. There is no correlation between clotting times and concentrations of fibrinogen over the range of concentrations of fibrinogen encountered. A correlation may exist between the initial concentration of fibrinogen of the infant and the degree of hepatic immaturity.

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