As the member of this panel who represents pediatric group practice, I believe it is for me to suggest how such group practice may aid or abet or, at least, fit into the concept of the "Newer Pediatrics."

I do not believe that there is truly a "New Pediatrics." I think we are simply attempting to define something that has been around a long time, but which has been successfully applied by only a fraction of practicing pediatricians.

Almost a year ago I gave a talk to a group of residents who had requested my thoughts on the meaning of the term, "Newer Pediatrics." I am not sure that I made myself entirely clear to them, which implies that I was not wholly clear myself as to all the implications in this concept. However, permit me to read to you the last paragraph of my talk. Further reflection has given me no cause to change the content.

"I conceive of the ‘Newer Pediatrics’ as being an approach to practice which requires the pediatrician not only to be well grounded in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, but to be sensitive to the psychological and emotional aspects of illness and general growth and development; furthermore, it requires that he be able, either by his own ability, or by using the abilities of his specialized colleagues, to make available to the families in his practice pediatric care which encompasses these factors in a fashion satisfactory to himself, to his patients, and to their families.

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