After reviewing the presentations of the four panelists and the informal question and answer period that followed, the following conclusions would seem to represent the consensus insofar as the panel is concerned:

(1) The practice of pediatrics as a specialty would seem to be here to stay—at least insofar as can be presently judged.

(2) The term "new" pediatrics is a misnomer in that many pediatricians have been practicing it for many years. Our present interest, then, lies not so much in a "new" or comprehensive pediatrics—but in better ways to accomplish it.

(3) Our undergraduate and postgraduate training must be brought up to date in order to better equip the pediatrician of the future for the comprehensive practice of pediatrics as it exists in his community.

(4) This does not necessarily mean more time or more formal training but rather better use of all available facilities, including participation in as well as full awareness and understanding of the emotional and social factors in the lives of the "little people" under their care.

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