Casts of the pancreatic ducts utilizing the vinyl acetate technique showed stenosis in the terminal portion in two consecutive specimens from patients who died of cystic fibrosis. Because of the extreme shortness of the markedly constricted segment of the duct (less than 1 mm) in one case and the short, tiny, curled stenotic area that overlay the common duct in the other, both strictures might have been missed even if the serial section technique had been used. Vinyl acetate injection of the ducts of the pancreas offers a unique and potentially valuable technique for elucidation of basic pathologic changes in the pancreas in this disease. Additional material and further studies are indicated, but the occurrence of a constriction of the main duct of the pancreas is perhaps more frequent than heretofore realized. Whether the stenosis is a congenital malformation of the duct or the result of abnormal secretion of the gland during the developmental phase is not known.

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