DOCTORS Fischer, Douglass, Christopherson members of the Executive Board, honored guests, and Fellows of the Academy:

I wish first to express my appreciation to the Nominating Committee of the Academy for the compliment implicit in their presentation of my name as nominee for this office, and my thanks to you, the Fellows of the Academy, for the confidence which you have expressed by electing me your President. I shall do my utmost to justify your trust. May I also extend especial thanks to the Fellows in my home District, who gave me the opportunity of representing them on the Executive Board and the privilege of working with the many who are unselfishly devoted to the Academy? I speak particularly of my fellow members of the Executive Board, of the efficient central office staff under the leadership of Drs. Christopherson and Frazier, of the officers of Sections which have contributed a remarkable strength to this organization, of committee chairmen, liaison representatives, Editors and Editorial Board members, and a host of hard working Fellows. It has been especially gratifying to serve under five superb presidents, Drs. Stewart Clifford, James Overall, William Belford, George Wheatley, and Carl Fischer.

The feeling of trepidation which the responsibilities of this office impose is overweighed by my joyous anticipation of working for and with the members of the Academy. For I consider them to be a uniquely exalted group, devoted in their practices and communities to the welfare of children in their care, devoted through the Academy to the welfare of all children of the Americas. In serving the child, the pediatrician serves both the present and the future of mankind, and there is no higher calling.

I would share with you, briefly, an acknowledgement of personal indebtedness to three early leaders who unknowingly transmitted their love of pediatrics and concern for the Academy to a young pediatrician a third of a century ago. I shall always be grateful for Dr. Frederick Schlutz, with whom I had residency training in Minneapolis and Chicago, and from whom I first heard of the nascent Academy after he sat with the founding group in the home of Dr. Rosenfeld in Portland; for Dr. Lawrence DeBuys, my undergraduate teacher at Tulane, a friend for many years and my predecessor from Louisiana in the presidency of the Academy; and for Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Grulee who fathered and mothered the Academy through so many of its developing and adolescent years.

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