Eleven infants with RDS, 6 treated with intravenous fluids and 5 treated with intravenous fluids plus SKA fibrinolysin, are presented. The mortality rates were 17% (1/6) in the group receiving only intravenous fluids and 100% (5/5) in the group receiving intravenous fluids and intravenous SKA fibrinolysin. Combining the 8 infants treated with intravenous SKA fibrinolysin reported by Ambrus et al. with the present series, a mortality rate of 87% (11/13) was obtained. The intravenous administration of SKA fibrinolysin would appear to be contraindicated in the treatment of RDS in premature infants since its use has been associated with a significantly increased mortality rate—a mortality rate which makes the risk of further trials highly prohibitive.

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