The association of Down syndrome with cystic fibrosis (CF) is a very interesting problem. Recently Dr. Milunsky reported three cases; one was confitmed by karyograni as trisomy 21.

We have studied a newborn with trisomy 21 and cystic fibrosis who showed an unusual hematologic picture with hypoplastic thrombocytopenia at the same time. Diagnosis was confirmed by: sweat-test (81 mEq Na I, 141 mEq Cl/1), absence of pancreatic enzymes in duodenal juice, delayed meconium passage, pneumonia, and intestinal problems. The infant died at 49 days of age with severe diarrhea, anemia, leukopenia (WBC 3500/mm, with 520 neutrophiles) and a platelet count of 2000/mm.

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