Complete recovery balance studies on six infants with severe cholera are reported. Supporting data from a larger group of children with cholera, with particular reference to stool and small intestinal fluid composition, are also reported. The mean and range (in parentheses) for net retention at the end of the balance studies were: water, 96 gm (47—119); sodium, 10.5 mM (5.3—16.7); chloride, 8.9 mM (5.8—12.5); and potassium, 6.5 mM (4.3—9.7); all values are per kilogram of final body weight. Mean values for average evaporative water losses over day and night ranged from 31 gm to 63 gm/kg/24 hours. Stool output requiring parenteral replacement continued for 24 to 60 hours in five of six patients, and 48-hour stool output equaled 1:3 to 22% of final body weight.

Stool composition in pediatric cholera is compared to that in infantile diarrhea and adult cholera. Significant differences from each of the latter two are described in this paper.

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