This conference was held in Stowe, Vermont under the auspices of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Vermont School of Medicine with funds donated by Winthrop Laboratories.

The purpose of the conference was to assemble as much of the recent and past evidence bearing on hexachlorophene and its usage in the nursery as was available at the time (June 1972) and to publish these studies as rapidly as possible so that physicians would be well informed on the subject.

The reader will find both sides of the argument about hexachlorophene presented and commented upon. I believe that, if he reads this tome, he will have a great deal more sympathy and understanding for the complexity of the problems involved. When one listens to experts in conflict, decisions are never easy. However, it is my hope that this publication will serve the practicing pediatrician by furnishing him with a clear view of both sides of the issue.

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