It is with sadness that I substitute for Dr. Debuskey today in presenting Dr. Harry Gordon-whom we both admire so much-with the C. Anderson Aldrich Award in Child Development.

We both have felt the impact of Dr. Gordon's teaching and attitudes about children (and, in turn, are indebted to Dr. C. Anderson Aldrich, whom we honor today).

I wish to read to you the biographical sketch which Dr. Debuskey prepared for this occasion. In a letter to Mr. Sehring regarding this sketch, Dr. Debuskey wrote, "I have deep affection for Dr. Gordon and find it difficult to restrict my comments to the cold facts." I, too, have this difficulty and feel a kinship with his comments, which follow.

"Dr. Harry H. Gordon is truly a man of great versatility. He has engaged, with vigor and enthusiasm and uncommon effectiveness, in many areas of compelling interest, among which, of course, eminently resides child development. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 4, 1906, in a family traditionally devoted to scholarship, service, and concern for others. He is a choicescion of that heritage. He was educated at Cornell University and received his basic pediatric training at Montefiore, New Haven, and the New York hospitals. He encountered and was deeply influenced by several of our distinguished professional pioneers.

"Dr. Gordon, early in his career, engaged in fundamental research on the nutritional developmental needs of premature and neonatal infants. This beautifully designed project, recorded in an exciting series of articles, created the scientific foundation for understanding the growth and development of a child in this critical, initial stage in his life.

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