Aspirated foreign bodies (FBs) may remain undetected and cause serious complications. As part of a postgraduate educational program, results of a local survey were presented to the local medical staff in order to increase its awareness of this diagnostic possibility. The present study was carried out in order to evaluate the management of children with tracheobronchial FBs during two 2-year periods, before and after teaching sessions held in December 1976. In comparison with the previous two years during the 1977-1978 period, the percentage of cases in which a positive history of aspiration was obtained increased from 47.6% to 84.0%; the mean number of hospitalizations due to tracheobronchial FBs decreased from 1.9 to 1.04 per infant, and the mean number of hospital days required for final diagnosis decreased from 17.6 to 5.3. The postgraduate educational program had a positive effect on physician performance and patient care.

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