In this statement, lists of the pharmacologic agents transferred into human breast milk and their possible effects on the infant or on lactation if known are provided (Tables 1 to 4). The fact that infant but indicates that there are no reports in the literature. These tables should assist the physician in counseling a patient regarding breast-feeding when the patient has a condition for which a drug a pharmacologic agent does not appear on the lists is not meant to imply that it is not transferred into breast milk or that it does not have an effect on the is medically indicated.

These reports have been obtained from a search of the medical literature. Because methodologies used to quantitate drugs in breast milk continue to improve, current information will require continuous updating of the tables. Brand names are listed at the end of the tables in accordance with the 4th Edition AMA Drug Evaluation. The reference list is not inclusive of all articles published.

Physicians who encounter adverse effects in infants fed breast milk due to exposure to drugs that are not included here are urged to document the effects in a communication to the Committee on Drugs of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Evanston. Such communication should include: the generic and brand name of the drug; the maternal dose and mode of administration; the concentration of the drug in breast milk and maternal and infant blood in relation to time of ingestion; the age of the infant; and the method used for laboratory identification.

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