To the Editor.—

We were interested to read the paper by Durand et al,1 and wish to point out that the same technique has been

[See table in the PDF file]

used in the Department of Perinatal Pathology of the Provincial Maternity Hospital of Milan, Italy, since January 1981 by means of the Vygon catheter (internal diameter 0.3 mm, external diameter 0.6 mm). Our preliminary results have been published.2

From Jan 1, 1981, to Dec 31, 1985, we placed 555 catheters in 438 newborns (241 boys, 197 girls) with a mean birth weight of 1,845 g (range 600 to 4,000 g) and a mean gestational age of 32 weeks (range 24 to 42 weeks).

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