I AM SURE that the majority of our members are not aware of the influence of the Academy in public health and child welfare. For this reason I will recount some of the incidents that have occurred in the past few months which illustrate this.

In May, Dr. Edward Davens, representing our Committee on School Health, went to a meeting in Washington arranged by the National Educational Association to examine the real meaning of citizenship in our country. Excerpts from his report will be published in the News Letter.

Last January, Dr. Reginald Higgons attended a conference on school health in Cleveland, which he reported in full to the Executive Board and which will appear in the agenda of committees published in Pediatrics. I would commend this to anyone interested in school health work.

In April, Dr. Stewart Clifford used the report of this same School Health Committee, of which Dr. Thomas Shaffer is Chairman, to modify the school health laws in Massachusetts to conform to its recommendations. If members in states are attempting to introduce modern practices in school health, they are referred to the central office. Dr. Christopherson will be glad to send them a copy of Dr. Shaffer's report.

In February, Dr. Danis' Committee on Hospitals and Dispensaries sent representatives to a meeting in New York, called to discuss the care of contagious diseases in a general hospital. This group represented many organizations, including the American Public Health Association, the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Nursing Association, and others. It was financed by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

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