To determine the role of the private attending pediatrician in caring for newborns who require intensive, intermediate, or continuing care in New York state, a request was sent to New York state institutions to select the statement best describing private attending pediatrician privileges. Privileges were graded from 1 to 6 with category 1 allowing the private attending pediatrician to care for all newborns and category 6 not allowing the private attending pediatrician to care for any newborns. Nurseries were classified (per New York State Department of Health) as regional, nonregional intensive care, intermediate care, and continuing care centers. A total of 97% (88/90) of institutions responded, representing 2,040 private attending pediatricians. In 95% (79/83) of the New York state institutions with staff private attending pediatricians, the pediatricians' privileges were limited. In 18% (15/83), the private attending pediatrician does not supervise any newborns receiving special care, whereas in an additional 77%, pediatricians' privileges have been limited. Despite this, the majority of institutions encourage the private attending pediatrician to continue communication with the family. Limited hospital privileges coupled with continued family communication may be the future trend for private attending pediatricians in the hospital setting.

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