To the Editor.—

So it took a federal grant and three PhDs to tell us1 what we all know: the pediatric resident is "the optimal hospital staff provider." Any pediatric resident would tell us that, gratis, if we could catch her between the emergency department, ward, nursery, or ambulance transport—admitting patients, discharging patients; resuscitating children, intubating children, placing chest tubes; doing ward clerk work; starting intravenous infusions, drawing blood, taking blood to the lab, getting blood from the blood bank; moving cribs and beds; obtaining cultures, making Gram stains, reading Gram stains; retrieving radiographs, reading radiographs, giving medications, changing dressings, removing sutures; changing diapers, feeding babies, loving babies; picking up trash from the floors; teaching students, organizing conferences; writing orders, writing notes, dictating charts.

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