The State of New York may be eager to attract new business, but there's one kind of inflow it would do well to avoid. According to state health officials, New York is fast becoming "the surrogate-parenting capital of the nation."

New York accounts for some 40 percent of the several thousand surrogate parenting contracts signed so far in the nation, and the number is rising ...

At least 17 state legislatures have decided it's harmful commerce, and forbidden it. So have Germany, France, Britain and a slew of other countries. But not New York . . . That's why advertisements like this one appear in New York newspapers:

Married or single women with children needed as surrogate mothers for couples unable to have children. Conception to be by artificial insemination. Please state your fee. Contact ...

For those who want children, infertility can be a tragedy. Allowing this kind of commerce, however, would be a greater one.

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