Dr. Birt Harvey has been the Associate Editor of Pediatrics for the past three years. His distinguished background in pediatric practice, academic medicine, and Presidency of the American Academy of Pediatrics gave him a unique background that was invaluable to the journal at a critical time leading up to the current health care revolution. I valued his judgement, guidance, and boundless energy. He dragged us into the computer age. I will miss him. Birt will continue to be associated with the journal as an advisor and reviewer of special manuscripts. He's not the kind of doctor who can ever retire!

Dr. Ralph Feigin, Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, will be the new Associate Editor. Ralph brings a different but equally impressive background to the journal. He's an internationally recognized infectious disease expert, a master teacher, and an experienced, creative academic administrator of the largest pediatric department in the world! He obviously also has boundless energy. I am counting on this!

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