O Solomon! what wisdom is needed for that physician

who deals with a child and a "pre-existing condition":

of all known miseries, the one that presupposes

a definable beginning, and presumptively imposes

a linear relationship of time

to illness, with no respect for the sublime

that turns lugubrious, ending with antecedents circular,

and predicated upon a bureaucratic vernacular;

Which for the peripatetic pediatrician

presents a peculiar imprecision:

when caring for very sick children or infants,

with cystic fibrosis or leukemia, for instance,

whose spirits hold hostage parental emotions;

Are these children just some post-conceived notions,

begging their epistemic question, with exons existential,

full of knowing and pre-knowing, (the code confidential)?

Can we now really judge origins, without pre-maturity,

or assess a person's, or a population's risk-pool purity,

and not mock the politics of self-determination?

Yet Media-tricians trumpet the research's implication

for these progenitor cell products in our age of new genetics;

these innocently assorted alleles, (admittedly, at times pathogenic),

whose critical pre-existing condition is birth,

with no consideration of bottom-line net worth?

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