This is a revised statement published jointly with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that emphasizes the appropriate use of the Apgar Score. The highlights of the statement include: (1) the Apgar Score is useful in assessing the condition of the infant at birth; (2) the Apgar score alone should not be used as evidence that neurologic damage was caused by hypoxia that results in neurologic injury or from inappropriate intrapartum treatment; and (3) an infant who has had "asphyxia" proximate to delivery that is severe enough to result in acute neurologic injury should demonstrate all of the following: (a) profound metabolic or mixed acidemia (pH <7.00) on an umbilical arterial blood sample, if obtained, (b) an Apgar score of 0 to 3 for longer than 5 minutes, (c) neurologic manifestation, eg, seizure, coma, or hypotonia, and (d) evidence of multiorgan dysfunction.

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