Patients who experience toxic stress (ACES Adverse Childhood Events) have higher levels of inflammation leading to chronic disease. (1) Resilience which can be learned and developed in anyone, is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. Building intergenerational resilience can reverse the negative psychosocial and neuro-immunologic effects of toxic stress. (2) (3) Through biofeedback/neurofeedback, the capacity to rewire brains shows how traumatized children and adults can learn to self-regulate. (4)(5)(6) A systematic review of the psychoneuroimmunology of music shows the role of stress pathways linking music to a positive immune response and calmer brainwave patterns. (7) The MUSE headband is a guided meditation biofeedback device. (8) During the biofeedback session, the Muse app provides audio and visual feedback. The Muse Monitor app records brain wave neurofeedback patterns. Harp music from the CD "The Magic Mirror" has been shown to decrease stress. (9) A pilot study on four women undergoing chemotherapy who listened to this music showed significant calming of their q-EEG brain wave frequencies. (10) After obtaining informed/photo consent and administering the ACE/Resilience Questionnaires, 25 pairs of parent/child volunteers will be administered a guided MUSE biofeedback session in the office. Listening instructions for parent/child and daily log/journaling sheets will be reviewed with the families, and a CD player with ‘The Magic Mirror’ music will be loaned to take home for 2 weeks. The parent-child pairs will return for office visits for follow up MUSE biofeedback sessions and collection of the Resilience/Quality of Life QOL questionnaires. (Delay in SOIM funding: we have completed the first biofeedback session on 16 of 25 of the parent-child pairs. Follow up office visits are April 20/May 7, 2018 for completion of the research) Our research hypotheses are that the parent-child pairs who listen to ‘The Magic Mirror’ music 1. Will have improved states of focus and relaxation as measured by the MUSE app and calmer (alpha) brain wave neurofeedback patterns as measured by the Muse Monitor app. 2. Will show improved intergenerational resilience scores and show improved sleep, focus and mood as measured by Resilience and QOL Questionnaires. We submit this preliminary abstract for consideration for an oral presentation by Anu French 1. Sharing the research behind ACES, Neurobiology of Resilience, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, Psychoneuroimmunology of music. 2. Sharing photos/description of office sessions and data from the Muse app/Muse monitor app and the ACES/Resilience/Quality of Life questionnaires 3. A live harp performance of the Magic Mirror music by Amy Camie We will submit an updated abstract with complete data at the end of May 2018. References 1. 2. American Psychological Association 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.