The AAP policy statement from the Committee on Infectious Diseases, “Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza, 2017-2018,” (Pediatrics 2017;140(4): e20172550) has been updated with information regarding a new antiviral medication, peramivir.

The online statement been updated with the following changes:

  • On page 8, Key point No. 12 now reads “Intravenous peramivir (Rapivab [BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Durham, NC]), a third NAI, was approved in September 2017 for use as treatment for acute uncomplicated influenza in nonhospitalized children 2 years and older.”

  • On page 13, Table 6 has been updated to include dosage information for peramivir as well as a footnote describing details of the medication, and routes of administration were added for each medication.

  • On page 13, the section on Use of Antiviral Medications has been updated to peramivir as an option for children.

  • On page 19, the Resource by Bradley et al, which had been “in press,” has been updated with its full citation.