Kurbo: A Digital Health Solution for Overweight Youth The Kurbo program aids children and their families to learn healthy eating habits and lose weight through the use of an intelligent mobile app and weekly coaching sessions. Using the Kurbo app, families track their food and exercise as well as engage with fun games, challenges and videos to learn healthy and sustainable behaviors. Additionally, coaches check in with families for 15 minutes once a week via video, phone or text. They provide personalized recommendations, feedback, encouragement, and third party accountability. The app utilizes a proven Traffic Light Diet system to categorize foods into reds, yellows and greens. Rather than focus on calorie counting, which is neither safe nor effective for kids, the Kurbo system is based on teaching users to understand their food choices and gradually decrease the number of reds (unhealthy foods) over time. The program is licensed from the Stanford Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program. At their core, both programs are structured around color based food tracking and utilize Dr. Leonard Epstein’s Traffic Light Diet, one of the most effective and well-researched programs for children. Kurbo had 80 children ages 8 – 17 sign up to complete the Kurbo Program between March 2014 and July 2014. Of this group, 65 completed the 3-month program. The overall mean for zBMI change was 0.26. Of this group, 90% of the children either maintained or reduced their weight. Of those who reduced their weight, 58% reduced their BMI by over 3% and 20% of these reduced their BMI by over 7%. The Kurbo program outcomes indicate that the program exceeds the minimum clinical criteria for pediatric weight loss efficacy. These outcomes are a strong indication that the Kurbo program is highly effective in helping kids lose weight sustainably and improve metabolic health.