Several updates/corrections have been made in the AAP policy statement “School Bus Transportation of Children With Special Health Care Needs” (Pediatrics 2018;141[5]: e20180513). On the fourth page, first column, item #3 should read “Some wheelchairs made for children weighing from 25 to 50 pounds have the option to be equipped with a crashworthy 5-point harness system that is anchored to the wheelchair frame.” On the same page, in Recommendation #1, the sentence that previously read “The school bus seating should be forward facing unless the child is younger than 2 years.” should read “If a child is transferred to a CSRS, the CSRS should face forward unless the child is younger than 2 years.” On the fifth page, under the heading “Additional Considerations for Passenger Transportation,” the last sentence in item #3 should read “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act authorizes such information to be shared with school officials as well as the bus driver, aides, and substitutes;”.